The British Georgian Music Academy accepts students of all ages from 4 years old and upwards. 


Offers lessons from the first musical 'steps' all the way up to advanced postgraduate students.

Our aim is to give the highest possible level of professional tuition, guidance and encouragement in order to inspire all our students. 


Lessons are offered in the following subjects:


Individual Piano Lessons

We tailor a specific programme for each and every student, according to their individual needs.  If it is appropriate, we follow examination syllabuses (ABRSM, Trinity, LCM, etc.) but we do not make this the 'be all and end all' of the curriculum.  For certain students examinations are not appropriate but whoever the student is, we aim for fun, tangible progress and a real sense of achievement.

What we also offer are termly 'Class Concerts' to develop confidence and performance skills from the earliest age. Also we present students  with the opportunity to perform in local and national/international music festivals and competitions.

Small Group Theory, Aural and Musicianship (Solfeggio)

To develop a real understanding of music, we offer  small group classes (where students are of a similar ability).  Not only does this help the individual student's musical progress but also helps engender a sense of group achievement.

Membership of the BGMA Choir

To further develop an individual student's musical progress whilst learning how much 'fun' music can be as a 'team' activity, the BGMA choir have an incredibly large repertoire of music from all genres and gives regular performances at our concerts.  Furthermore, we always present a Musical Theatre production every year.

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